It's time to meet Panda Fam

A long time ago, in a land not so far away, pandas ruled the world. Mystery has engulfed the 10 kingdoms, leaving clues for you to uncover.

All the best features

The perfect starter NFT for collectors and animal lovers alike.

Perfect price

NFTs are notoriously expensive. Panda Fam is priced enough to make a worthy investment, great for flipping, but still won't break the bank.

Cute and irresistible

Over 2,000 completely unique pandas, each with secrets and mysteries to uncover.

Gene traits

With 5 core gene factors and varying rarity of each, a master collector can decipher relatives.

OG Panda

Rupert | A1B1E1H1 | Special

A globally-renowned sir for his many talents with bamboo. Rupert has faced many a controversy for his preference for "pure" bamboo. Save him, give him guidance and companionship and Rupert will forever be yours.

Panda Fam

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